A Case Study For Watches


With regard to the topic of how to store watches, the discussion should also include the subjects of time and organisation. It's not just about vanity and displaying fine timepieces, but about intelligently storing accessories that are works of art by themselves.It is evident that if we are collectors we can't leave expensive watches lying around. Watches need care and air tight, dry storage conditions. But this is also about responding to our basic need for organisation.Well designed organisers, dedicated to particular tasks – like watch cases go a long way in keeping life simple and easy to navigate. Especially for those of us constantly on the move. The old adage: “a place for everything and everything in its place” is particularly relevant. Travel by nature is disruptive – but needn't be. With well designed cases with proper compartments and thoughtfully planned interiors, we can continue our organised lifestyles even when we're moving. Even when we're not on the move, it's a good idea to keep or watches safe, in one place and displayed in their full glory – so picking out the right one is a breeze. For the man of taste, a good looking case, almost an extension of elegant time pieces, is of the essence.

Now consider the Lapis Bard storage and accessory case. This aristocratic design has been crafted to reflect the lifestyle and sensibility of the man of taste who values refinement and organisation. Crafted from natural wood with a lovely wood pattern, with soft suede interiors, a high gloss piano finish and glass window for display, the Lapis Bard storage and accessory case is an almost perfect organiser. Two tiers accommodate eight watches while a six compartment drawer organises other accessories. The Lapis Bard emblem on the surface adds a dash of character. Take a look at the Lapis Bard watch and accessory case

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