Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the woman who is expected to coordinate her outfit for an evening out; Men too have to keep in mind multiple fashion faux pas that should be avoided. Here’s a short and simple gentleman’s guide that will guarantee a second look:

Don’t be a walking advertisement for a brand.  Subtlety is the key. Don’t let the brand define you. Instead, you define the brand!

 Loose threads and lint are a definite no-no. Run a double razor blade and lint brush before you leave for your evening.

You can never go wrong with the Ubiquitous black.  When undecided, don’t look any further.

Bring alive your outfit with a moderately colourful necktie or pocket square

It’s either suspenders or the belt that should hold your pants up. Using both is overkill

The tie should run down to waist or less. Never more!

A tie is always best paired with a suit or vest.  Keep the short sleeve shirt as work wear and not an evening out.

If you like wearing an undershirt, don’t let it show through.

The shoes should always be polished to a gleam and the heels should not be scuffed.  Make your cobbler your best friend!

An evening wallet is a must.  Ideally, it should be kept slim with only the essentials in it. Check out  stylish, smart  evening wallet collections on www.lapisbard.com

Finally, keep a pleasing silhouette, a great attitude and let your confidence shine through!

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