Evening Wallet


Contemporary Man. Contemporay Style.

He will not accept less than perfect. Never in the history of sartorial style has the man on the go been quite so demanding. For followers of fashion and design, this means ever so often in our regular lives we stumble upon everyday products that touch the borders of the sublime through the sheer beauty of their craftsmanship and the intelligence of their design. Form and function have never been so solidly married. Men have never looked so good or kitted out so well. And not only do they successfully balance the demands of modern life: the longest work hours that make the phrase 9-5 sound like a slow weekend, a health and leisure life that has enthusiastically married fitness to fashion through athleisure and a packed night life, they seek products that balance aesthetics with extreme functionality which then have a transformative effect on an entire ensemble. Just consider the modern wallet – a fine example would be the understated but extremely thoughtfully designed Stanford wallet. The emphasis here is on the sleek insert that holds wallet essentials: cards, cards and more cards but also a trim silhouette.

Or the sleek sophistication that is the two-toned magnificence of the Ducorium wallet – leather that is a duet of cinnamon and caramel, and shrewdly designed with a removable credit card that allows you the flexibility of creating either a highly functional wallet packed with cards or a slim one just right for the evening. The next stage of sartorial evolution has taken place is currently going on. And these are exciting times in the world of design – we see products that reflect the new and exciting ethos. The fashionable male is no dandy. He is well-informed, engaged, hard-working and driven. And holds the environment up to the same high standards. Happily for him there are designs that meet his needs.

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