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Gloves are not a modern invention. We can find mention of gloves as early as 8th Century BC, in Homer’s Odyssey. During the Medieval Ages, it was common for soldiers and knights to wear gauntlets (heavy, armoured gloves), with their chain-mail armours to assist in defence manoeuvre.

Over the centuries, sturdy leather gloves were worn by people who had to protect their hands such as labourers, field workers, men and women who had hawks as companions, and knights involved in battles and tournaments.

How did this bulky piece of protective gear transform itself into an emblem of style and status?

While members of royalty had started wearing gloves adorned with jewels, it was not until Queen Elizabeth I began sporting delicately embroidered gloves in front of guests that this accessory reached the summit of its popularity.

Today, gloves are gradually becoming an integral part of a man’s look. They not only protect you from the cold and other elements but also add a touch of flair to your ensemble.

There are many different types of gloves available today. While winter gloves are designed to keep you warm, driving gloves assist drivers with better friction and control. Fingerless gloves offer freedom of movement while daywear gloves in high-quality suedes or leather are more of a fashion statement.

Lined or unlined, leather or woollen, fingerless or mitts, gloves are here to stay and when chosen wisely, can elevate your outfit to give you an uber-stylish look.

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