Intoxicating Inks


We literally beat our psyches black and blue with the usual inks. Such monotony, almost as if it is writ in stone: thou shalt use only two shades to write with. And now here we are – the 2000's. Never before has there been more choice, more freedom of expression, a world more ready to accept change. So their time has come - brightly coloured inks inspired by cocktails. A heady mix of the art of writing and the whiff of adventure. What more could a writer ask for? So lay down your blues, bury your blacks -red, pink and green, orange, purple and yellow, here we come.

Colours that are not the norm leap off the pages and are a response to our moods. Writing is associated with gravitas but we don't always write in serious moments. We write on holidays, we send postcards, we keep journals on lazy days. And it's nice to have inks that are the right colour of our feelings. And if they're inspired by cocktails, the whole affair becomes merrier still.

Consider red. The colour of life itself. It is the colour of passion, of anger, the colour teachers through the ages have used to circle errors. But it is also the colour of love and perfect for – that's right Valentine's Day. So fill your heart with love and your pen with red and write that letter of love. It will not be forgotten.

Orange and yellow have warm energies, while yellow specifically is linked to intelligence. So you might want to maintain a fitness journal or an inspirational To Do list in these shades.

Green is the colour of new life, of fertility and nature. It is soothing and loving. Send postcards in green to not just inform the receiver but to soothe their spirit.

Turquoise – so calm, so life affirming, the colour of shallow ocean waters. Maintain a holiday journal or write poetry in this inspirational shade.

Purple is associated with royalty, dignity and nobility. Try it on your Christmas cards or messages you send friends.

Brown is one of those underrated shades with a very subtle elegance and a very real contender to blue and black as a shade to use regularly with its confident and relaxed feel.

So, write away but this time, fly – reach those heights of inspiration with colours that reflect your feelings and motivate you to be even more creative than usual. When you reach for your pen, reach for a bottle too – of an intoxicating Lapis Bard ink.

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