Pack your papers and leave some room for timeless elegance.


The old ways do not necessarily have to translate into old days. There’s much to be said for a business bag crafted by hand, but with a design so contemporary, it fits in perfectly with life in the city – elegant at work and equally at home next you at a restaurant on your time off. You can tell when the material is superlative, the patterns hand cut and the detailing so exquisite you literally feel the effect on your nerve endings. Accessories that are minor works of art have a very real impact on long, hard work days, softening their edges, soothing the senses, a delight to handle – therefore making business a pleasure and by extension, more efficient. But art for art’s sake in a world where time means money won’t hold muster. So form over function however appealing the design is a not even a consideration.

You want something as hardworking as you, intelligently designed for maximum efficiency. You want space and versatility. And a substantial selection of compartments that accommodate almost everything – your bag, after all, is your office on the go. So apart from the usual slew of modern day additions that take into account details such as the organization of a power bank, a small but special fixture like a keychain loop creates a sense of customization, reflecting extreme thoughtfulness and your business bag becomes an essential companion.
But you don’t want an unsightly bulge. So sleek design and clever architecture go a long way towards creating a commute friendly piece of baggage that can be easily stowed away . The other word you’re looking for is- durable. A bag that tells a story. Romance is certainly not essential to efficiency but we like our artful accessories. Nothing compares with leather that ages with grace, that positively glows with added richness through the years, and ups your entire look by several notches. Such a bag is so much more than that. It is a work of art that travels with you and has a transformative effect on your day.

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