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British Heart. Italian Spirit

It stands to reason that the city that invented the suit and is home to a street that stands for the definition of suits should claim to be the birthplace of style. Paris and Milan notwithstanding. And rightfully so. The almost obsessive exactitude that goes into the design and making of a suit is carried on into the conception and creation of related lifestyle products that the jacket-wearing professional cannot do without, carrying as he does his world with him. Where he goes – style follows. Hence the creation of a gallery of staggeringly beautiful lifestyle products like bags and wallets and belts that could be minor works of art.

But there is no denying the legendary beauty of Italian workmanship. Which is why there is something dazzlingly brilliant when a fundamentally British style ethos is given soul by Italian artistry and the careful attention of masters whose DNA is probably wound with the subtle language of craftsmanship. The majestic Windsor Emperador series of writing instruments being the perfect example.

Britain brings to the work table definition and understatement - an authoritative regality, while the Italian spirit is one of intense passion. When the two combine what emerges is incomparable, sublime beauty. Italy, home to striking and modern architecture, music that reaches the heavens and art that has moved us for centuries pours its peerless artistry into craftsmanship and breathes life into objects that become signatures of modern day elegance.

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