Lapis Bard

Water Based Ink Vial Kit

Rs. 1,995
Vials of colour that will get you intoxicated with ten captivating drinks for your fountain pen. The inks are stored in crystal clear 5 ml vials with screw-type caps that rest in a wooden case. Perfectly shaped cavities and a moulded acrylic sheet hold the vials in place while you effortlessly top up your fountain pen.
  • Wooden base with acrylic sheet
  • 10 vials of our bestselling inks
  • 5 ml vials
  • Water-based inks
  • 1 syringe and 2 blunt needles
  • 1 Lapis Bard ink shade card

The Ink Collection
Get intoxicated by the art of writing with these addictive, cocktail-themed inks with merry colours and merrier names.


Product Type Ink Vials
Ink Colour Tequila Sunset, Blue Lagoon, Blueberry Margarita, Cranberry Sangria, Purple Rain, Tiffany Punch, Emerald Isle, Shamrock, Orange Mojito and Irish Joe

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