Ducorium Key Fob

  • Hewn from the finest leather in cognac
  • Impeccably stitched
  • Embellished with Lapis Bard emblem in black and gold
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The Ducorium Key Fob is an elegantly designed accessory that allows you to carry all your keys with delightful ease. It is crafted from the finest semi vegetable dyed leather. The edges, hand painted by skilled craftsmen, gradually darkens the cognac colour as it imperceptibly passes from one shade to another. This compact key fob comes with 22k gold plated fittings and can carry up to 5 keys with an additional ring to hold that very important key. The keys are attached to snap hooks, which unlike conventional loops, dont damage your fingernails. Additionally, each snap hook, with the key, can be removed individually when required. Signature Lapis Bard emblem in gold and black completes the look.

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