Windsor Matte Black Rollerball Pen & Timekeeper Gift Set

  • Black precious resin.
  • Lapis Bard Lyre 3D logo inset on the cap tassie.
  • Classic shape provides perfect balance.
  • Complimentary Pocket Watch
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An exquisite combination of a pocket watch and the Windsor Matte Black RollerBall Pen. Comes in a specially designed box, and makes for an ideal gift.
Pocket Watch
The quintessential classic pocket watch with a contemporary touch. The watch is housed in an understated black gun metal casing, while the top and bottom encasement covers come alive in matte black. Prominently featured on the top cover is the Lapis Bard emblem with three concentric circles that take cue from the embellishments on the pens.
The dial is branded with applied metal indices, with the second hand sporting the unmistakable blue colour of lapis lazuli.


Black gun metal casing

Matt black encasement cover

Signature Lapis Bard logo on the dial with applied metal indices


Classic design

Signature Lapis Bard emblem on the top cover

Concentric circles cue the embellishments on the Windsor Matt Black Pens

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Collection Classic
Material Metal
Color Black
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