• The Ducorium Collection
    The Ducorium Collection

    Imbued with lyrical emotions and sultry melodies. Blues is an amalgamation of craftsmanship like no other. Much like the music. Ducorium Blue is a harmonious symphony of the best leather. finest artistry. and the most unique design. This fine. dual-tone collection of leather accessories is a synesthetic ode to the music that has captivated audiences for centuries.

  • Add Gold To Your Currency
    Add Gold To Your Currency

    The Belgravia Gold Limited Edition

  • Expensive Pens for Gifts
    Expensive Pens for Gifts

    An exquisite combination of a pocket watch and the Windsor Matte Black.

  • The Savile Row Collection
    The Savile Row Collection

    Leather accessories with contemporary stitching and a lustrous texture.


Lapis bard is know for it's fine selection of leather product , lifestyle accessories and writhing instruments,
all made with obsessive attention to design. craftmanship and quality


Timeless, understated and at times bold, Lapis Bard produces accessories not affected by the vagaries of fashion.
It is a brand that is obsessed with design and effortless luxury, with a focus on thoughtful details,
functionality and clean lines. Behind every piece that is produced is the heart of our skilled craftsmen.

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