Ink & Refills: Artful Elegance

A Vision of Unparalleled Luxury

Lapis Bard is a brand with  traditional English roots which expanded its core from writing instruments into an entire world of high-class accessories.The brand has always looked to the future with a bold vision to offer a line of luxurious accessories of unparalleled quality,meticulous design and craftsmanship  that transcend mere utility and become objects of art in translation.

Ink is the medium that enhances the premium of the pen

Whilst designing a pen, Lapis Bard has kept a very vital fact foremost in mind which is, that a writing instrument can only establish its worth with the right medium to express its finesse. A pen is only as good as its ink. Indeed much of the magic of writing with a pen comes from the act of gorgeous ink appearing in loops and swirls with every stroke of the pen on paper. We believe that the act of writing is not just a functional task but an art form that is an elegant expression of one’s self. To elevate this art, we have curated a luxurious collection of ink palettes and refills to complement our writing instruments.

Ballpoint Pen Refill

As aficionados of fine writing, we understand the importance of a smooth, effortless writing experience. Our Ballpoint Pen Refill available in blue and black is designed to fit our Lapis Bard ballpoint pens and delivers fluidity and precision. Created in Germany, with specialist technology, it combines the advantages of the well-known ballpoint refill with the smoothness of a rollerball, creating a completely new experience in writing.Crafted with the utmost care, this medium-tip refill ensures that your words flow effortlessly, leaving an indelible mark of smooth penmanship on every page.

Rollerball Pen Refill

Hailing from the heart of Germany, our Rollerball Pen Refill available in blue and black is designed to be compatible with Lapis Bard rollerball pens, this refill promises a writing experience like no other. With a quick-drying formula, it ensures that your words are delivered with depth, impact and immediate effect, making each stroke masterful with purpose. Whether it's business or personal, this refill will undoubtedly meet your highest expectations.

Intoxicating Ink Bottles

Imagine yourself getting intoxicated by the very act of writing, where each stroke is inspired by a rich hue that helps  express your inner creativity. Our design team, equally intoxicated with inspiration, have curated  twelve cocktail-themed fountain pen inks that offer an exquisite selection of colours with  instantly recognizable names that will take your writing experience to a whole new level.Our inks are available in the colours  black roska, purple rain. Blueberry margarita,blue curacao,cranberry sangria,Tiffany punch,Blue lagoon ,orange mojito,irish joe,old fashioned and  tequila sunrise that inspire the many moods of imagination.

Make a choice to write with ink  that reflects who you are or simply choose one cause it’s your favourite cocktail. 

Elevating the Art of Writing

The essence of Lapis Bard is not just about creating exquisite products but also about enhancing your overall experience. Our ink and refills collection is a testament to our commitment to offering products that are unique to their origin whilst crafting a quality that can instantly be recognised for its exclusivity. We understand that your pen is more than just a tool; it's an extension of your personality and style and so our refills and ink bottles aim to complement this by adding a touch of artistry to your writing.

Uncompromising Quality

Quality is at the foremost of everything we aspire to put out as a brand no matter how small the product is.Each refill represents the highest standards of performance and durability. We believe that when you invest in a Lapis Bard product, you're investing in the experience of writing as an art form that gives your expression wings.

The Art of Choice

Our ink and refill collection offers you the freedom to choose  from a range of ink colours, tip sizes for nibs, and various styles to match your unique preferences. From classic colours of black and blue for your ballpoint and rollerball pens to a spectrum of vibrant hues for your fountain pens, we have a refill that suits your every state of mind and individual taste.

Ink as a Statement

Ink is more than just a medium; it's a statement. It reflects your mood, personality, and style. Our inks are thoughtfully designed to evoke the spirit of celebration, allowing you to infuse every word with a touch of whimsy. From the deep shades of burgundy to the lively hues of turquoise, there's an ink for every occasion.Every thought about design extends to even the packaging of the inks in special proprietary ink bottles. Each pretty, 50 ml bottle has a wide mouth so that fountain pens with broad nibs can be filled with ease. The bottles are easy to hold thanks to their unique, triangular shape. The heavy bottom keeps the bottle from tipping over easily and the high-quality cap liner helps minimise leakage.Nothing makes a statement like an iconic shape and colour that is instantly recognisable as a standard of excellence!

In Closing

At Lapis Bard, we believe that the act of writing should be a luxurious experience. Our inks and refills collection is a tribute to the art of fine writing. We invite you to explore our range, indulge in the sheer joy of choosing a shade of ink that best describes you, and elevate your writing experience to new heights.