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Gifts have always been emblematic of the occasion they are so eagerly a part of. The new gifting movement calls for curated gift sets that combine variety with form and functionality. It’s no more one for the master and one for the dame, our bags are full of options from every lane. Online or offline they stare us down. 

You’d think having many to choose from would make things easier but the market is flooded with gifting options that will leave your head spinning. We saw a need, a need for curated gifts that are unique, not mass-produced. Available in limited quantities, our exclusive gift sets are the need of the hour. 

We put together a team of experts who handpicked and paired well-matched top sellers together, creating one-of-a-kind gift sets. Our range includes contemporary gift sets with pens and wallets, belts and wallets that complement each other while seamlessly slipping into your tailored suits, pens paired with cufflinks for those who wear their heart on their sleeve and a few more essential pieces that come together to mark that special moment.

It took us a lot of restraint to refrain from listing out all the available options but we’ve narrowed it down to three sets we know you’ll love:


Our signature blue finds its way onto a contemporary ballpoint and is prominently featured in the accompanying cufflinks in the form of a blue enamel inset. 

The ballpoint pen is crafted from lightweight metal and functions with a twist mechanism that allows for smooth usage while the cufflinks are designed with a whaleback closure that keeps them secure on your tailored cuffs.


The key to fine dressing includes a belt that cinches your waist and a wallet that slips into your pockets seamlessly.

Mayfair Wallet makes its long awaited comeback and offers a fine finish paired with enough slots dedicated to your cards and bills. Ah the Sullivan Belt! The Sullivan belt proudly displays our signature buckle that takes its inspiration from the brand’s emblem.


Classic black pieces that are designed to go with just about any outfit of your choosing. This all-black contemporary set is curated from two of our best collections.

The black chrome ballpoint pen is from our Contemporary collection while the sleek credit card holder is tactfully chosen from the ever popular Mayfair collection. One offers smooth writing while the offers a smooth finish to your fitted jeans or tailored trousers. 

There you have it. Our three picks from our curated sets. We’ve got a few more additions if you wish to explore. Take your time and choose what suits you best

The Lapis Bard collection honours the traditional rules of styling, complemented by  minimal appointments.