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Pinnacle of Time: The Timeless Charm of Formal Smartwatch Leather Straps

You’ve got the perfect dress on and your makeup and jewellery are right on the money. Even your shoes compliment your outfit but there's this feeling that the ensemble is not quite there yet. What is that finishing piece that is the jewel in the crown?

Yes! You've guessed it! It is indeed a watch powered by a right leather strap! It is that one accessory that pulls your entire look together adding that element of class.

One can consider that the right watch can be a standalone statement or the perfect companion to your outfit adding dimension to your personality. It is sometimes more than  just an accessory,for some they are a long-term investment especially when they are acquired from high end luxury brands that are of prized value akin to jewellery.

Today a smart watch ;to be precise the Apple Watch has become the preferred essential everyday accessory to most of us across all genders around the world.It is the accepted style statement of the successful individual and is available in a variety of strap options that cater to your individual taste.

However, we are limited by the colours, material and the generic vibe that a standard watch strap from the company offers. The real excitement lies in the fact that you can switch up the look of  the very same Apple watch and  give it a glow up with Lapis Bard leather straps to refine your personal style and interest to your everyday ensembles.

‘Strap’ yourself down and get ready to take a ride through the definitive collection of smart watch leather straps from Lapis Bard .We're here to guide you through the range of colours and features that will elevate your style from cool to effortlessly elegant and sophisticated.

Table of Content 

Brown Deployment Clasp Watch Strap 

Classic Navy Apple Watch Strap 

Bordeaux Deployment Clasp Watch Strap 

Classic Brown Apple Watch Strap 

  • Lapis Bard's Stylish Leather Watch Straps

  • Elegance Entwined: Brown Deployment Clasp Watch Strap

    Immerse yourself in the flawless fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary refinement with our exquisite leather strap in classic brown. This stunning smart watch leather strap  is compatible with most Apple watch series and is made from precision cut leather, retro padded for optimum comfort outfitted with a feather-light deployment clasp buckle. 

    The conveniently placed side buttons, effortlessly unfasten the strap and the ingenuity of the design minimizes strain and preserves the leather's durability. These investment-worthy watch straps keep it classy with signature details that resonate with the tone of the brand elevating your style to new heights.

    Modern Love Affair: Classic Navy Apple Watch Strap

    This absolutely stunning precision-cut leather strap for Apple watch comes in a duo tone rich navy blue shade that beautifully deepens at the edges, adding depth and sophistication to the strap. Crafted from the finest quality leather, this M-L size strap adds a touch of extra that elevates your style.

    As a bonus feature,it's retro-padded for ultimate comfort, making it not only fashionable but also incredibly cozy to wear.  We love the bright colored strap in deep navy that makes it so classy and irresistible.


  • Be Bold : Bordeaux Deployment Clasp Watch Strap 

    When you think of luxury it has to be the shade of rich opulence in the deep claret hues of Bordeaux. Introducing the stunning Lapis Bard Bordeaux deployment clasp watch strap,a seamless fusion of timeless elegance and modern detailing. Equipped with a sleek deployment clasp buckle, this accessory is an absolute game-changer. 

    The side buttons effortlessly release the strap, ensuring a hassle-free experience. And that's not all! Our clever design also minimizes the strain and damage that a conventional clasp can inflict on the leather, guaranteeing its durability for years to come. This leather strap is  bold, beautiful and a style statement in itself.


  • Add an Oomph Factor: Classic Brown Apple Watch Strap 

    Introducing our stunning precision-cut leather strap for your Apple watch! This gorgeous strap features a rich brown color with deep black edges, adding a touch of sophistication to your wrist. 

    Go all out with this ultra-modern design that is crafted from the finest leather, this M-L size strap ensures a perfect fit for your watch. And guess what? It's retro-padded for maximum comfort, making it the ultimate accessory for all-day wear. Such a catch! Upgrade your Apple watch game with this stylish and comfortable leather strap now. 

    The Key Takeaways 

    When it comes to styling your Apple Watch with leather straps, it automatically adds interest to your ensembles and adds a dash of class. With Lapis Bard's versatile and sophisticated collection of Apple Watch Leather Straps, you'll be able to elevate your look to new heights. Explore our range and infuse every moment with a touch of refined fashion. Shop now and get the upgrade to your wrist game today!

    The Lapis Bard collection honours the traditional rules of styling, complemented by  minimal appointments.