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Raise your glasses. The (dr)inks are in!


“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” - Wassily Kandinsky 

Or, as in our case, influences a line of colourful inks that are uniquely beautiful. 

A casual discussion that began on a late Friday evening resulted in a line of inks that are truly awe worthy. Our design team was intoxicated with inspiration. They put their heads together and by the time they reached the bottom of the bottle (added for dramatic flair), they had designed one of their own; thick bottomed ink bottles with cocktail inspired inks!  

Why did we decide to take inspiration from cocktails you ask? A bit of research unearthed many brands who named their inks after semi-precious stones, seasons of the year, heavenly apparitions, the stars, clouds and mythological creatures that are yet to be discovered. So, we decided to take a more relatable route. One that was much familiar, and let’s not forget, fun. 

By the end of a lengthy process we had curated twelve cocktail-themed fountain pen inks that your favourite pen can enjoy six days a week and twice on Sunday. While we took pride in creating each of the twelve, we decided, after a lot of debate, to narrow it down to four delicious flavours for first glance. 

The Green Light - Emerald Isle 

Emerald Isle Ink is a lustrous emerald green that brings real poetry to the art of writing. This colour is inspired by its namesake cocktail – a blend of herbal and citrus notes with a touch of mint that is held together with a dash (or two) of bitters. 

 Tequila Little Time - Tequila Sunset

It’s the perfect cheerful ink colour to fill your pages as you pass the time. The intense colour of the silky, fluid ink is offset by the facets of the crystal-clear bottle. While the delicious cocktail entices the palate with citrusy notes, grenadine, and tequila the ink adds flavour to your everyday writing.

The only blackout - Black Roska

A classic shade that will always never be forgotten. This deep shade gets its name from the Black Roska cocktail – a dark drink brewed with black vodka, blueberry liqueur, blueberries, and a hint of lemon. Two for us please. 

Packing a punch - Tiffany Punch 

Flavoursome turquoise blue that will liven your pages. While this green rum punch makes for the perfect summer drink with zesty oranges and lemonade, coconuts and hints of pineapple, our inspired ink is highly recommended for all seasons. 


There you have it. Our top picks from twelve of Lapis Bard’s splendid ink colours. So, choose a colour that reflects who you are or simply choose one cause it’s your favourite cocktail. 

The Lapis Bard collection honours the traditional rules of styling, complemented by  minimal appointments.