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Scripting A Stroke Of Appreciation

Being a teacher is a demanding vocation and not everyone possesses the aptitude for it. On the surface, it may seem their sole duty is to teach a particular subject but the depth and extent of their work goes beyond that. They have to counsel, remember, relate, discipline, support, and encourage their students both within and outside the confines of the classroom countless ways. They are our unsung heroes who keep going with the satisfaction of imparting pearls of wisdom to the nation’s future. 

This teacher’s day, show your affection and appreciation for the guidance and all the light you receive from your teachers by gifting them the best things - Lapis Bard rollerball pens.

Masters of Penmanship

Pens have a special place reserved in the hearts of teachers for reasons beyond their functionality. The writing instrument has abstract value for teachers and is deeply intertwined with the art of teaching and the relationship between a learner and the teacher. 

Lapis Bard stands unequivocally tall in the realm of penmanship. With our unwavering commitment to writing, we create a blend of tradition and innovation. Each stroke from our pens orchestrates a symphony of words threaded in ink. Our pens are a brush of inspiration for the blank canvas of a page. 

A Cherished Keepsake

Your teachers may not confront it to you but when you present them with a gift as meaningful as a pen, it matters the world to them. It is a memento from the students that reminds them how they have had a positive impact on student’s lives. 

Contemporary Dark Rollerball Pen

Our signature contemporary dark rollerball pen has a smooth and fluid writing experience, comparable to a fountain pen, with the maintenance of a rollerball pen. The lightweight metal, lustrous lacquer coating, and gold trims strike a perfect balance. 

Contemporary Pearl Rollerball Pen


This special-edition pen is on the lines of celestial beauty that captures the true ethereal essence. This exquisite writing instrument is characterized by its flawless equilibrium, refined weight, and gliding continuity. Remaining true to its label, the pen has a pearlescent radiance with the lacquer shine encapsulating the premium aluminum body.

Torque Carbon Ballpoint Pen

One of the premium ballpoint pens, this piece is the seamless blend of modernity and durability. An epitome of contemporary sophistication, the pen boasts a unibody construction with fusion of resilience and aesthetics in every inch of the woven pattern. The ballpoint pen bridges the wide alleyway between a mechanical pencil and a pen with its seamless transition. 

Torque Artis Ballpoint Pen

An expression of modernity, the torque artis is amidst the range of premium ballpoint pens that bestows the ecstasy of gliding through the notebooks. Wrapped in luxe leather, the pen is accentuated by the gold rims, making it an object of desire. It rests in an exquisite wooden box and can be transformed into a mechanical pencil. 

In today's digital age, pens hold the same essence as they did decades ago. What makes them more special is their power to instill creativity and confidence in the user. Lapis Bard brings you a wide range of elegant pens that makes sure the gesture conveys every ounce of your love.

The Lapis Bard collection honours the traditional rules of styling, complemented by  minimal appointments.