• Crafted from light weight metal in anodized black finish
  • Unique and exceptional prismoid design
  • Threaded cap prevents accidental staining
  • Lapis Bard signature touch of blue on the finial and clip

If you are the type of man who loves to add a bit of pizzazz to your accessories, this shape shifting prismoid Avant Garde Carbon Rollerball pen is just right for you. You will be noticed for your fashion-forward selection whenever you take out your pen to jot down a number or some simple directions, and it will show off your confident style in the office or the board room. The colour blue is known to be soothing, so in contrast to its attention-grabbing looks, the touch of blue around the cap top and the clip will provide a nice, calming influence on your day no matter what challenges the day brings. The body of the pen is made from high grade aluminum in anodized black finish. The cap is threaded securely to prevent accidental staining. The rollerball refill has a super smooth flow that is distinct and precise. The sophisticated Lapis Bard lyre logo is inset in the finial. Presented in Lapis Bard’s signature blue luxury gift box.