• Matte black, chrome-trimmed ballpoint-pen from the Contemporary collection
  • Crafted from lightweight aluminium and fitted with the easyFlow 9000 ballpoint refill
  • Decorated with the Lapis Bard signature ‘hint of blue’ below the finial
  • Camden Gunmetal belt in Stainless steel with finest Spanish leather
  • Adorned with bold three-stripe motif in palladium finish
  • Presented in a luxurious wooden box with matte finished natural veneer

In this premium Lapis Bard gift-set, the Contemporary Matte-Black Pen is beautifully paired with the Camden Belt. The masculine elegance of the matte-black ballpoint is highlighted by the chrome trim that gilds the solid-black finish. Painstakingly crafted with high-grade aluminium, it has the solid feel of metal without the expected weight. The easyFlow refill allows the pen to glide across paper and the integrated clip-slip feature allows it to slide into your pocket with minimal resistance. The pen comes with a soft protective-case.

The Camden Belt is made from the finest Spanish leather. The black leather is perfectly accentuated by a gorgeous gunmetal buckle with a bold three-stripe motif and palladium finish. The durability and quality are evident in every fibre.

The monochrome set is beautifully presented in a stylish double-tiered wooden box, lined with premium faux leather. The debossed Lapis Bard emblem adds an accent of subtle class. The black matte finish makes the box a lovely keepsake and the soft, inner faux-leather lining makes it the perfect place to store valuable accessories. This gift-set can be personalized with the complimentary notecard and is the ideal present for a man who recognizes the beauty in quiet elegance.