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At Lapis Bard we curate collections taking inspiration from art, architecture and sometimes even the vineyards of France. Each piece is a reflection of expert craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail. As a brand, we believe in creating luxury designs that evolve with your needs and here’s how our journey began.

In 2016, William Penn embarked on a voyage to England, to find like-minded souls who believed in true craftsmanship. They chanced upon Lapis Bard, a unique British brand creating top-notch writing instruments.

William Penn acquired Lapis Bard with a vision to create an unparalleled product offering of high-quality and luxurious designs that went above and beyond smooth writing instruments. 

Today, we produce unmatched pieces of artfully crafted leather bags, sleek wallets, off the cuff cufflinks, watch chests, pen cases and belts to cinch your outfits. A collection of intoxicating inks and smooth writing instruments add to our timeless pieces. 

We are proud to call ourselves a brand that provides beautiful handcrafted designs to the people of our country and other fans from across the world.  


Inspired by the evolution in lifestyle and needs of the modern individual, our philosophy is to create long-lasting and timeless designs by taking cues from art and architecture and combining them with form and functionality.


Materials of the highest pedigree, processes designed for consistent quality,
each Lapis Bard product lives up to its reputation of being timeless. 

Our designs are minimal yet refined with understated pieces
that flow from season to season seamlessly.
Pay close attention and all Lapis Bard products reveal fine details that strike 
The perfect balance between passion and precision.


At Lapis Bard, we don’t cut corners (unless the design calls for it). We are driven to create long-lasting designs that are wardrobe mainstays. Only pristine leather is used to create our capacious and sleek accessories while high-quality materials go into the making of our cufflinks and writing instruments.


Our designs are special and, let’s not forget, as unique as they come.
The Sullivan belt buckle takes its design cues from the Lapis Bard emblem.
The Lyre belt buckle brings to life a tale of elegance that we seek in today’s accessories.

The finest leather, top-shelf stainless steel and world-renowned techniques make the cut. We partner with the best tanneries in the world which is why most of our leather is sourced from Italy and Spain. Our partners in Germany and Asia use advanced technology that ensures our writing instruments provide a smooth writing experience.


While design is at the forefront of our process we also ensure that safety is a priority. Most of our bags and wallets have advanced RFID and NFC protection and have dedicated slots for your cards.Our laptop bags are quilted to keep your laptop secure. We also strive to add an element of convenience to our designs; our large leather accessories have external compartments to easily access your essentials.

Every design is a part of a grander scheme and our Ducorium Collection is a culmination of the brand’s ethos. It exhibits an exquisite dual-toned finish that is achieved by hand painting in the sfumato technique inspired by da Vinci. The result is a finish that gradually darkens as it imperceptibly passes from one shade to another.


We roamed the streets of London, for a company that echoed our fascination for quality, discovered the gem called Lapis Bard, and made it our own. Ever since, we've sculpted, polished and turned the brand into our crown jewel. Our team works tirelessly to make sure every Lapis Bard product is worthy of its legacy.That's the legend of Lapis Bard, and you are now a part of it.